The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)

The Ministry that minister the Salvation in Christ included healing and deliverance to you and which also give you the prophetic end time message about the european union and anti christ that will stand up and take control over that union, in fact the government of the European union will give anti christ unlimited authority over the whole union.

The Healing Spoken Word World Wide
Video Tower Ministry 
Watch the video tower with the hand picked videos that follows. We recommend all of them but especially those about the fall of "Mystery Babylon The Great". Revelation and Jeremiah talks about a dominant end time power named: "Mystery Babylon the Great" which stands in the way of evil but at the same time is so wicked itself that God judges her before the rest of the world. The end time profet Dumitru Duduman from Romania is the most sharp profet we have heard when The End Time USA is in question. Other interesting ones are: "From witchcraft to christianity" by Earthquake Kelley", "Hell is real, I went there!" by Jennifer Perez (audio clip), Orthodox rabbi reveals the name of Messiah: "Jesus", "Jesus healed a young paralized girl", the praise and worship song "Yeshua" (hebrew text),  "Lester Sumrall talks about the human will", "Israel Gaza war the Amalek Factor"...
Watch the site: and you will find more profecies on finacial crises and terror coming to USA in close future while Obama is in office. Watch the the video that follows on the subjects mentioned above. Do also pick videos amoung recommended videos on you tube related to the video that follows by clicking on the youtube icon in the bottum right corner of the video screen that follows.
Watch the 2 following videos about nuclear attacks from Russian submarines that the US autorities will permit to enter the US coast! It will be chaos in US during these events as we can understand. USA will get its 2nd Sivil War in advance of these events as we can understand. The US americans dont understand that God use Russia to punish them for not repenting. US americans seems ingorant to all the warnings they get from the events like the Oklahoma bomb, 9/11, exstreem climate and a falling US economy. They don't understand that these events happends because they havent repented yet from their sins. According to a revelation received by a messianic jew - Rabbi Jonathan Chan -  USA is following the same path as the ancient Israel that did fall because of disobedience to Yahweh. God tries to warn USA by smaller insidents but even if the insidents have been more and more serious they still dont get the message!!! Watch the video now!!! Part 2 of the video follows with the title: "Every step I take - trusting that he will deliver His people..." 
In the following video you get informed about the last 3 presidents of USA. When this video was made the author tells us that Georg W Bush was president and that it will come just one more presiden - according to a dream he had -t but he couldnt see the look of the last one but today we know that the last one is Barack Obama. The author of this video seems to be very honest and strait about what dream he had and we have no reason not to believe this mans word and his dream is conforming the dreams of other persons that has got the same message from God that Obama is the last US president. USA can repent but they havent yet and it is soon too late for them to repent. Watch it now!!! Dont delay it!!! Telle others about this video so they can be warned.
This following video "Dream Revelation of Mr Obama" is talking about the RAF microchip that will be introduced in USA on a national basis. Watch it now and warn others about it!!!
This wonderful black sister in the lord tells us what she did experience in a dream she had about her meeting with Barack Obama. This woman seems honest and strait about what dream she had. We have no reason not to believe her! So warn others about this - its really an revealing dream that we have no reason not to take serious!!!
The Healing Spoken Word Ministries calls on young people to come and get healed, delivered, educated and equiped for world wide mission! See the following video that shows what Christ can do for you young ones!!! Christ can also do that for old ones but you young ones are responsible for your generation to talk to it, warn it about the truth of God included the end times events that are coming to the world! Young people that want to work on the Web-TV station here dont be afraid to contact us. You old ones are also obligated to be workers in this ministry since it is of God! The Prayer Tower of Norway must be builded in good time before the election on governent next year in 2013. A terrible affliction against the christians will come up on Norway if the prayer tower not get builded in right time!