The Online World Wide Prayer Tower 

If not you members of the University have payed the monthly fee - for July 2015 - for being an enrolled student at the Online World Wide Prayer Tower University, you will not get any education and you might be deleted because this is a place for study and not for other matters:
Just to let you know, teachers shall have salary for doing their teaching and they don't work for free. The tution fee for July 2015 is 24 USD for those without regular income and 50 for those with regular income or resources. We prefere that you use Paypal button nr 2 because it is in NOK, Norwegian Krone (NOK). 24 USD is 191.42 NOK and 50 USD is 398.79 NOK.

You don't need to watch the whole video about how to donate but watch parts of it at least!

Where and how do I pay the tution fee? - watch the video below titled: "How to donate to the University and the World Wide Prayer Tower of Yawheh":

By going to the official donation page and clicking on the paypal button nr 1 or 2 you will be able to very easily pay the tution fee for July. Paypal button nr 1 is using the donation currency USD and Paypal button nr 2 uses the donation currancy NOK (Norwegian Krone with the code: NOK). If you use button nr 2 you can use the currency calculator by clicking the link just above paypal button nr 2 with the link text: If you want a currency calculator then click on me, thank you! We prefere that you donate in the Norwegian currency (NOK) by using Paypal button nr 2.

You can donate or pay the fee by clicking the link below where you find all the paypal buttons:

The Lectures starts up as soon there is enrolled students with the fee prepayed for the actual month.
The duration of the shortest study is 1 year. If you want to take courses on one or several month the fee will be calculated for each lecture.