Det Talte Ord
(norwegian name)
The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)
                                                                Tea from Can'an
Buy red ginseng from Cana'an. Red Ginseng from Cana'an will according to testimonies cause that the consentration and intelligence will work easier, faster, stronger and will increase. It will according to testimonies be easier to talk intelligent because you remember the words much easier. This is according to testimonies and we expect that this also will happen to you but you are free to try it out yourself. These tea products have been blessed by the Worldwide Prayer Tower Ministry that are blessing each box wih tea bags. The Worldwide Prayer Tower Ministry says that these tea bags with red ginseng from Cana'an Shop wll then work as a drinkable prayer cloth and that they will bring healing, intelligence and whatsoever they by spiritual authority through prayer have placed into these bags. These claims are the claims of the tower and what they believe but those who orders this product stands free to believe it or not but the red ginseng is of top quality even just as ginseng.
The Price for a box with 50 sealed bags: 300 NOK or about 35 USD. Costs for delivery through the post will be added to the price. Products with contents that according to research is prohibiting cancer is also what Can'an can deliver but these are special products that we make a certain quantity of and its needed that you order or book it in advance. Such products can be liquid berry juice made of wild growing berries that has went through a special extraction process. Red ginseng is a product we consider as such a product that has gone through a special extraction process but it is not delivered in liquid condition but rather in small tea bags with dried exracts from the ginseng root.

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