Det Talte Ord
(norwegian name)
The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)

The Ministry that minister the Salvation in Christ included healing and deliverance to you and which also give you the prophetic end time message about the european union and anti christ that will stand up and take control over that union, in fact the government of the European union will give anti christ unlimited authority over the whole union.

People that want to get married:

A young lady in her 20-ties wants to get married with a man that is responsible and a borned again Christian. You have to have income to take care of your upcoming wife. All are possible for those who believes in Christ - don't forget that!!!

What does The Healing Spoken Word Ministries really want?

These ministries always want to:

1) bless the people of God (tell them what God has given them)

2) help the people of God to see what God claims and expect of them 

3) and educate, teach, enlighten, warn about the responsibility of the people that are called by God's Name, warn about carelessness, warn about becoming sleepy in the spirit and consequences

4) Teach in and Ministering healing and deliverance to the People of God

5) Organize the People of God and activate them in different Army Units of God

to bring city- and national revival

6) Bring God's order and law to the People of God

7) Call (under the anointing of God), select (under the anointing of God) and send out Apostles, Shepherds, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets etc

8) Establish ministry units world wide

9) Establish churches world wide

10) End time servival camps

...and what ever Christ wants us to do!!!