The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)


See the video about the deadly terror attack in Norway on the government building and the island (click on the link):Oslo, Norway Terrorist Attack: Video Footage of Explosion and Camp Shooting Aftermath (07.23.2011)


It is sad but still a fact that Norway has entered the Downward Spiral despite of all the prophetic messages that has been given about Norway. USA and England have also entered that spiral.  If not the Body of Christ in Norway receives the Revival Messenger of God and gets revived and accept him as what God has made him to then the unsaved people of Norway have to accept him else Norway will continue deeper down into the downward circle which will bring Norway to its fall and freedom will be lost for ever. The revival messenger of God will have the solutions for Norway and any country that receives him and listne and believes in what he brings of truths to them from God.