The Healing Spoken Word

A postcard from around the time of the

The Ministry that minister the Salvation in Christ included healing and deliverance to you and which also give you the prophetic end time message about the european union and anti christ that will stand up and take control over that union, in fact the government of the European union will give anti christ unlimited authority over the whole union.


If Norwegians really loves Norway they also will love their own kind which will mean that they will command the norwegian government  to delete the law of abortion that since it was put into legislation in 1978 has caused or colaborated the death of 700 000 norwegian kids that would have lived today if abortion had been forbidden by law and not permitted by law.

Love has to be more than just spoken, it also has to be proven. Is the law of abortion a prove on that Norwegians love Norway? A nation that is wiping out it's own kind is a nation that has entered the downward spiral. This is the situation with USA, ENGLAND, NORWAY and most parts of the free, capitalistic , democratic Western Europe. The Norwegians did undouptable love Norway in 1905 but that's a long time ago. A man that let the mother of his child kill his own kind is he really a complete man and a man of honour? A nation that doesnt give the male or man - who in fact deliver 23 of the package of totally 46 chromosomes - any voice in the matter of deciding abortion or not. Is such a nation a rule of law? The man is delivering 50% of the package and still the rule of law gives him no voice in the matter but gives the woman or mother 100% of the voices. This is in truth a terrible encroachment and a law of terror and is a shame and also a death sentence for the rule of law. It is in fact the end of the rule of law because the rule of law has been given to political forces that just wants power and not want to lose the power for anything in this world. The rule of law should never have been given in the hands of politicians because they only want to change it so the law pleases them and their political view. The rule of law should have been made by

those that see to that the will of the founders of the nation are kept. In Norway its only the people that can fill that position since the king has no political power in these days. The politicians should only have to do with taxes and other instruments that has to do with the governing of the economy and things of that stuff but not laws that set the moral and things that has to do with death or life. When founders of the nation have  made laws earlier touching certain areas then no latter governments should have right to change that law.The same principle is used concerning the first polar expeditions and polar explorer. They who reached the poles first was the first ones for the rest of the history of the earth. To be the first lawmakers or founders should of course follow the same principle if you like it or not. If not this principle are followed then there are no winners and will never be. So most people see that this principle has to be followed no matter what people think because its an universal principle.