Det Talte Ord
(norwegian name)
The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)

The Ministry that minister the Salvation in Christ included healing and deliverance to you and which also give you the prophetic end time message about the european union and anti christ that will stand up and take control over that union, in fact the government of the European union will give anti christ unlimited authority over the whole union.

Watch the following video on youtube if you like and we recommend it since the quality is higher on Youtube! Click the thumbnail icon "youtube" in the lower right corner of the screen. The content of the following video is:

1) The prophecy that arrived in 1997: "Norway has obtained a judgement prophecy"! Whatch this prophecy in a video in norwegian on the page: "Web TV Channel 3" on the bottom of the page.
2) The Norwegian and The World WIde Prayer Tower and how you shall sign the petition for the arising of these towers.
3) "If you are an intelligent person you want to get in contact with your creator that also have created the universes!"
4) Guiding on our website with our youtube channel etc.