The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)


This is the Ministry that ministers the Salvation in Christ included healing and deliverance to you and which also give you the prophetic end time message about the european union, Babylon the Great and anti christ that will stand up and take control over that union, in fact the government of the European union will give anti christ unlimited authority over the whole union.

If you need healing then place your bouth hands on this page and pray this prayer:

In the name of Jesus Christ I bind the sickness (then you say the name on the sickness), pain (say the name on the pain), demage (say the name on the demage) and in the name of Jesus Christ I command it and what caused/causes it to be lifted up and casted into the sea for never to return back on me.

Amen and Hallelujah thank you dear Christ for taking all my sins and the punishment of sins like: eternal punishment and earthly sicknesses, pains, demages on you. I am free now in Christ name! Hallelujah, Amen!


If you need deliverance from a bad habit or spirit that cause that bad habit or pain etc then you say the same prayer as above but you address the evil habit and the bad spirit that cause it and command the bad habit and the evil spirit that cause it to be lifted up and casted into the ocean ( decerted place) for never to return. Always command the sickness and the evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ so they know what authority you use when speaking to them. Jesus has the highest authority because God has given He a name aboove any other name.

When you have done this then mail us beck and tell us your experience. God bless you!

Place your hands here when you do the prayer above!


Christ Jesus did take up on his body and carried every sin, sicknesses, pains, demages etc. I am free!!!