Christian TV Channels and Online TV Channels with spiritual network:
Det Talte Ord TV
Click on the picture below and you will be redirected to Det Talte Ord TV. Remember to subscribe to the Online TV Channel
Fjordlandscape by Hans Andreas Dahl (Norwegian artist)
The Worldwide Prayer Tower
with Live Events: Agreed Prayers, Healing, Deliverance, Prophecies, Targeted Mission Campaigns etc. Click on the steel painting below and you will get to an event in The Worldwide Prayer Tower. You can become a member of the Worldwide Prayer Tower by clicking the following blue link: The Worldwide Prayer Tower link
Steel glass painting of Edvard The Confessor. Edward the Confessor was the penultimate Anglo-Saxon king of England, and considered the last king who descended from the kings of Wessex. He ruled from 1042 to 1066.