Det Talte Ord
(norwegian name)
The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)
Can this Website with Web-TV Channels be watched on Iphone, Ipod etc?

With the new mobile app from Livestream we expect that is shall be possible to watch our Livestream Channels on mobile devices.

Contact us if you have any trouble with the viewing.

Don't forget to Sign the Petition for the arising of the World Wide Prayer tower and the Norwegian one. The petition covers both the World Wide and The Norwegian Prayer Tower! IT'S NO OR NEVER FOR NORWAY THAT HAS GOT TERRIBLE JUDGEMENT PROPHECIES RECEIVED in the 60 ties and ON THE 23D OF APRIL 1997 and also a 3d one received by Bishop dr Dominiquae Bierman as far we know in 2011. You find the Bierman Prophecy on our page here as a video and also the 1960s and1997 prophecy on videos here on this site.