The Healing Spoken Word
(International name)


Key words are: 

Gods Type of Faith that 1) believes with the heart and 2) confess with the mouth!

3) Forgiveness.

There are 3 principles that is given us in Mark 11:21-26:
1) The principle of Faith: believing with our heart

2) The principle of Faith Confession: our words must confirm what our heart is trusting on and when we trust on the word of God in our heart then our mouth will speak there of
3) The Principle of Forgiveness.
All these 3 principles are absolutely necessary and must be practised fully if people shall get healed and delivered by Gods word. This is a revelation of Gods Word and I am as far as I know (I have seen other use them separately but never together and the identification of these truths as principles of God has never been done before) the first man of God that has given these truths in The Bible their right focuse in modern time and I call them: Gods principles for achieving healing and deliverance by faith.